Hello, I am Aadarsh Bohara

Technical, and business-driven Product Manager with entrepreneurial experience, successfully guided 44 B2B and B2C technology products from inception to launch over 9+ years. Substantial experience leading, & delivering large-scale enterprise & SaaS products for Investment, Education, Health Care, Parking & Startup companies.

Core Competencies

Product Management

I help design and launch product that offers great value to customers and businesses. Product design is art!

Breathe Agile

I breathe Agile, helping the team move faster towards the end product goal and achieve results with a minimum $$.

Technical Leadership

Technical leader with experience developing several web apps and API services myself. Understand tech geeks!

Problem Solver

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify the real problem and work towards solving it asap.

Fun Fact

720 Instagram Shots

174 Articles Published

540 Coffee Shops Visited

7 Mountains Climbed

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